Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z2

The Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z2 is a 2+2 channel USB HID mixer/controller with an integrated audio interface. It has two full channels and two further channels with limited controls The Traktor Z2 is intended for a DVS systems and is provided with Traktor Scratch MK2 timecode Vinyls and CDs.

New in version 2.4.0.


You can download the latest Windows & MacOS drivers and firmware from the manufacturer’s website. Since the Traktor Kontrol Z2 is a USB class compliant HID and audio device, the device is plug-and-play on Linux.


Parallel installation of Traktor software on Windows If you have a parallel installation of Traktor on Windows, there will be a NIHardwareService.exe process that takes control of the Traktor Kontrol Z2’s LEDs. To make the them work reliable with Mixxx, you either need to uninstall the Traktor software, or stop the process by opening the task manager, selecting Show processes from all users and kill the NIHardwareService.exe process.

Audio Setup

The mapping relies on the following channel assignments:

Output Channels

Assigned to





Input Channels

Assigned to

1-2 (Mic/Aux)

Microphone 1

3-4 (CH 1 Line/Phono)

Vinyl Control 1

5-6 (CH 2 Line/Phono)

Vinyl Control 2

7-8 (Recording)


The microphone and auxiliary inputs are mixed with each other in the hardware together in input channels 1-2, so Mixxx can record and broadcast them.

The knobs for MASTER, BOOTH, HP VOLUME are controlling the hardware mixer of the built-in audio interface. Hence, turning the knobs will not change values in the Mixxx GUI and you’ll need to set the Mixxx knobs to their default values when using the controller:

  • Set the master/booth/headphones levels to 100% (knob center position)

  • Set cue/master mixing to cue-only (leftmost position)


You should assign the Vinyl Control input channels even if you do not intend to use timecode vinyl.

Controller Mapping

The control numbering in the schematic drawings matches the those found on the specified page in the Manual.

Shift button states

Shift button state

Shift button LED




SHIFT hold


Press and hold SHIFT

SHIFT locked


Short click on SHIFT to toggle lock state

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LOAD/DUPLICATE A (left) button

Load song into deck A.


LOAD/DUPLICATE B (right) button

Load song into deck B.


SHIFT + LOAD/DUPLICATE A (left) button

Duplicate track and play position from deck B to A


SHIFT + LOAD/DUPLICATE B (right) button

Duplicate track and play position from deck A to B


Rotary Selector

Turn to move tracklist cursor up/down. Press to toggle the selected item.


SHIFT + Rotary Selector

Turn to move sidebar cursor left right/down.

Known Issues

  • The two Traktor buttons on top are overruling the software. This can result in a state, where one channel of the hardware mixer is in external mixing mode, but Mixxx is expecting internal mixing mode.